A thousand wishes for you

It all started with gray skies and a broken heart. There was not much reason to smile back then, but I found you and all the silly things and I began to smile again.

I smiled. I cried.

Eventually I learned how to laugh. I didn’t think it was possible to laugh genuinely while someone is still healing, but unconsciously you made me believe that it was.

Now I wish I could tell you how okay I am and how thankful I am for you.

I wish I could make you laugh ‘til the end of the day ‘til our tummies hurt. I would have to try a little bit harder because we both know how bad my jokes really are (there I finally said it).

I wish I could tell you about how my day went – the new things I learned, the way I controlled my alcohol because you weren’t there.

I wish I could run to you whenever I wanted to, to be able to cry when things start to haunt me again and to value the silence when there is nothing else to say. And I wish to do the same for you too.

I wish never having to think about not having you ever again because when I look at you, I knew that you were meant for me too…

…that I would not have to bottle up all the feelings and forget about the butterflies because you will be there to catch them all.

It would be so much easier to always be there for you and not think about anything else

I had it all in my head.

How I planned to be upfront of how I really felt

How much I wanted to be there for you every single moment even in the times when you think you are unlovable

How much I wanted to be the person you hate and love at the same time

And how I wanted to be the first person you think of when you’re happy and the first person you know is still there when the rest of the world has left you behind

Because I will always be here.

I still sometimes daydream about you. I sometimes think of how it feels to be the first to smile at you in the morning.

It all could have been possible.

We could have been possible

And we could have been perfect…

If only you had not already fallen for someone else.


Lies I Heard About Love Before & During My 20s

Lies About Love

Love is the most beautiful thing, so they say. It is also one of the most misunderstood concepts. Just like the concept of truth, you and me may see different sides of it. What’s wrong for me, may be right for you. Furthermore, I cannot just simply shove down your throat what I think is right. I hope I’m making sense.

I haven’t lived long, but I have lived long enough to have watched a gazillion romantic movies, seen countless make-ups and breakups, and have heard tons of love stories to be able to compile a short miserable list of lies I heard about love. Without further ado, here it goes…

Love is all you need.

Literally and figuratively, I’d like to vouch that this is a big lie. Most people who say this have to get more in touch with reality. Although love can move mountains, there are more practical things to consider.

If you don’t love me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best. Or something like that.

I don’t know much about love, but I do know it cannot be a one-way street. Communication is impossible when the other person just keeps saying “love me or else…” This is one of the most selfish things that I have ever heard.  I’ve known people who gave up on a relationship just because the other person cannot “accept” that they smoke or drink or basically any part of the bad side. If the other person hates what is bad about you, it does not necessarily mean that he/she loves you any less. Change willingly when it’s necessary.

You complete me.

Matthew Hussey (a relationships expert) said, “You don’t go to a relationship to get a life. You go to a relationship to share a life.” You don’t commit because you expect the person to fulfill the missing holes in your soul or to mend your broken heart.If you’re messed up when you’re single, then a relationship ain’t gonna fix you, my friend. A loving relationship is when you are with someone you share your completeness with, nothing less.

Love is a roller coaster ride.

On the first few months of a relationship, you’ll be on love high and you’ll feel like you’re on a roller coaster ride. However, the adrenaline does not last forever. Sometimes, the roller coaster ride slows down, but that does not mean love ends. Love grows even in silence. Oh. Okay. I just got cheesy.

Love at first sight.

A lot of people are going to hate me for this, but I truly am not and never will be a believer of love at first sight. Love is much more complex for it to develop in a split second that you see someone. Attraction at first sight is very possible. But, love? Ergh.

Love should always have its happy ending.

For some love stories, a happy ending does not follow or their happy ending does not involve living happily ever after. Sometimes, they have to grow apart and stay like that. At times, their love changes and becomes friendship. Or, sometimes love simply means letting go.

A Crash Course in Surviving a Bookworm

How to Survive a Bookworm | Grisleyonline

There are difficult times when we find ourselves in the company of emotional, highly imaginative, and fun people that bookworms are. Oftentimes they’re normal, but there will be times when the spirit of bookworm-ness takes over and for a non-reader, that can be difficult to handle.

I’m a bookworm myself and I must admit that when I am so into something that I’m reading, I am easily misunderstood by non-readers. It’s a big deal when you’re very close friends with the bookworm or you’re dating one. Having the infinite love for books and stories is a gift and it would be a waste if you do not see that in your special person.

Although I cannot speak for the rest of the bookworm population, here are a few ways you can understand your bookworm better and to appreciate him/her. It’s about time for you to understand what Rosemarie Urquico meant when she said…

“If you want the world and the worlds beyond it, date a girl who reads”

  • How to survive conversations about lives and characters that do not exist

Conversations with bookworms might be very difficult at times. I’ve never had a great and engaging conversation with a non-reader about the fictional characters I read about. When a bookworm is reading or recently finished a darn good book, he/she will find someone to talk about it. Don’t let this chance pass because you think it’s just too unrealistic. Think of those fictional characters as one of her friends or acquaintances. Ask your bookworm about what made him/her so interested in the character, did the character reminded him/her of someone, what role did the character play in the story, how did it end, etcetera. Let the person talk. A real bookworm will know that you have no idea what he/she is talking about, but will very much appreciate the time you spent listening.

  • How to understand their need of space

If a book is really good, it can take its reader to different times and places. You may find yourselves in a coffee shop and the bookworm will just be sulking in his/her book while you sit there, ignored and feeling left out. It may not be a coffee shop. It may just be any of your everyday places. Zoning out in a book is the same thing as zoning out in a game. Don’t leave or get pissed. Your bookworm will be back in a matter of time.

  • How to buy a present

Bookworms are the easiest to shop presents for. All you need is to find the perfect or even just a good book and they’ll be happy. It does not even have to be brand new. Vintage is also very much appreciated. Legit bookworms won’t also mind having multiple copies of a title. To know what to buy, take note of who wrote his/her most recent read and ask casually how he/she finds that book (this goes back to the conversation survival). You don’t need to pay attention to all details, you just have to know whether your bookworm like it or not. If it’s positive, go ahead and search for the newest release of that author or if it’s a classic, you may look for the publication version that is closest or is the oldest publication year. If you feel a bit more daring and you want the bookworm a book he/she has never read before, you take note of the genre and look into Amazon which are the best-sellers in that genre. Do know that these are baby steps, you’ll get better at it as you get better with the conversations. Other helpful presents like unique bookmarks, book ends, book holders, or book lights will be very much appreciated too.

  • How to deal with the catharsis effect

As absurd as it may sound, books have the power to control or change the reader’s emotion – most especially bookworms. So, when the bookworm you know starts crying or hating you because her favorite character died, let the person be. Don’t laugh or scold the person for getting carried away by fiction. This is the time when your presence, not your words, is needed.

Once you understand and appreciate the kind of people bookworms are, you’ll realize how fun it is to be with people who do not stop with what is seen. It actually does not take much of an effort because you do not have to read their books to make them feel appreciated. It’s just a matter of investing your time and presence.

Get to Know Me Tag | Grisleyonline

Get to Know Me Tag Grisleyonline.jpgHere is a post that will not make any impact in the economy of the country. This will not make anyone’s life better. This is a post that will most probably help you realize how uninteresting I am.

Since I am on coffee high at 1am, I might as well exhaust my mind by answering these questions. I’ll be doing this type of post with different themes every first of the month until I run out of tags to do just for the heck of it. I found these questions on the internet, btw. Feel free to reblog or repost this on any social media platform with your answers.

Thank you for letting me waste your time. Again.

  • Are you named after anyone?

Nope. My name actually does not have any meaning. I used to get sad when classroom introduction involved name legends, but now, I don’t mind it at all.

  • When was the last time you cried?

I rewatched Autumn in My Heart for the 8th-ish time a couple of weeks ago, and I cried. Please don’t judge me.

  • Do you have kids?


  • If you were another person, would you be a friend to yourself?

Yep. I may not be a nicest person on Earth and I’m quite crazy, but I still think I’d be a friend to myself.

  • Do you use sarcasm a lot?

I use it moderately – only on certain people and situations. I rarely use sarcasm when it is not necessary.

  • Will you ever bungee jump?

Probably never will. I love heights, but I only love the climb, not the kind of falling that is involved with bungee jumping.

  • What’s your favorite cereal?

I’m torn between Cascadian Farm’s Cinnamon Crunch and Fruit Loops. I love them both equally, I guess.

  • What’s the first thing you notice about people?

Their smile. Although I’m not the gets-attracted-by-smile type of person, it’s something that I notice first – unless they’re holding food. Then I notice the food.

  • What is your eye color?

Dark brown.

  • Scary movie or happy endings?

Neither. I love thrillers like The Purge, but I can not survive even just 10 minutes of horror films. I also prefer tragedies more than happy endings.

  • Favorite scent?

I like the fresh and out-of-shower scent the best (for both men and women). Something like Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana or Cool Water by Davidoff.

  • Summer or winter?

I was fortunate to experience both, and I can say I’d always choose summer.

  • Computer or television?

I do not watch television. I prefer watching my shows on my computer mainly because I’m not a big fan of advertisements.

  • What’s the farthest you’ve ever been from home?

United States

  • Do you have any special talents?

I can take multiple naps a day. It’s lame, I know. I’m a very average and talentless person. *goes into self pity*

  • Where were you born?


  • What are your hobbies?

I love to read, sleep, and watch YouTube videos. Sometimes I wish I were more interesting, but naaah… I’m happy being a homebuddy.

  • Do you have any pets?


  • Favorite movie?

The Godfather trilogy. Nothing will ever beat that.

  • Do you have any siblings?


  • What is one random fact about you?

I am quite lazy connecting with friends through messaging or calls, so in order for a person to mean a lot to me, the effort must come from the other party. The nagpapa-miss techniques never work on me. If I do not feel your existence, I will forget about you. There are very few exceptions, but for most, that is the case.

Top 5 Things You Ought to Know About This Blog


Let me start by letting you know that I recently moved from Blogspot to WordPress because of the more chic platform and the better subscription plans. This one’s also optimized for mobile reading so yay!

Anyways, over the past months, I’ve had mixed reactions over my blog posts. It was actually 99% good and 1% eh. It’s quite a positive mixture, but I just really want to avoid such small and often time-wasting issues to arise. Thus, I wrote this post for you to understand what’s going on and what will go on in this blog. You’re wasting your time reading my posts so I owe you an explanation.

  1. This has no specific genre or niche. You will find this looking like ukay-ukay.

…and I intended it to be exactly that way. SEO is off in this blog and I won’t optimize this for that. I overthink a million things and since writing has always been an escape for me, I figured…why not?

2. I only dedicate blogs to those who are important to me. I don’t do hate blogs.

I may write open letters or any other format about a person, but only if that person is extremely important to me. As much as I would want to release anger in a post, I choose not to. Therefore, if you find yourself in a snippet of one of my posts and you think the entire thing was written to attack you. I have three words: get over yourself. If I ever mention a specific unpleasant situation, it is only to emphasize lessons I learned through the experience. If I’m going to waste precious hours writing about someone, might as well use the time to tell the world how much I love or loved a person.

3. This is not a beauty blog. For crying out loud, I cannot even do my brows right.

I love skincare and I love looking at makeup. I may post at time about skincare or makeup (someday), but they will just me mere opinions on the products I have tried. I am in no way a skincare expert and although I wish I am, I am not a dermatologist. The way products have reacted to my skin may not be the same to yours so please be very cautious when trying out new things. If they work for you, then perfect. Let’s do a fist bump next time we meet.

4. I am not an expert in anything…(or not yet. lol)

If I write about some tips and tricks, those are just some that I have learned over the years and have worked for me. You might be better at them than me. If you’re too advanced for my tricks, please feel free to close the tab. *winks*

5. You are not forced to read any of the random posts.

I turned off ads for my blogs and this is not optimized for any rankings. Therefore, I do not care if a post gets 0 or 1000 views. I wrote this blog for me and if you happen to be interested, thank you. However, if you are not, please feel free to close the tab. God has given us our free will so please use your free will to read what you want and not what you do not want to see.

At any rate, I do hope you enjoy the randomness and I hope that in some way, at least 2% o what I write will help you live a better life. If you got any complaints or you feel harassed by anything (like you think pineapple is meant to be in pizza), let’s talk about it.

Online Shopping Tips for Newbies


Thanks to the constant advancement in technology, the online shopping industry has been the top options in the world of consumerism. No more cashier queues or pissed boyfriends and husbands waiting outside clothing shops. I used to stay away from online shopping because I used to think that the risks outweighed the benefits. However, after a few pitfalls and successful hauls, I was able to compile some precious lessons that I hope would help you out somehow.

My first purchase was a fail…
One of the biggest worries I had about online shopping is the authenticity of the products. True enough, the first purchase I ever made online turned out to be fake. That time I was still in college and I wanted a lipstick which was a bit pricey at the malls. So, I turned to Instagram, and found a seller who sold it for literally 70% less because she said it was a present but she did not like the color. I fell for it, and made the purchase. When it arrived, it smelled like crap and smelled like a crayon. Good thing it was cheap. I threw it immediately.

So how do I make sure you buy authentic makeup and other products online?
If it says it is Singapore Authentic, it is fake. The rule of thumb is, if the price is too good to be true, it probably is. For example, US drugstore foundation would never go down to less than $3 in original price so with shipping and unreasonable customs tax, the price will surely never go lower than that. One good trick is to look for the product in the official website of the brand or search for reviews. If nothing looks like the one the seller is putting up for sale, it probably is fake. For new shoppers, you should go for those accounts or websites with high number of followers and always, always look for reviews and client testimonials.

On purchasing clothing…
I am not a big online shopper when it comes to clothing because I suck when it comes to getting it right with the sizing…and that brings me to the most important thing in shopping for clothes online. The first thing you have to do is to measure yourself really well and check the sizing chart of the website. Also, stay away from cheap clothing stores like DressLink, Nasty Dress, or SammyDress because they have received a million complaints for shipping and crappy quality. What they do is actually grab photos from magazines and try their might to copy the style. I tried buying once and if I can write a two-word review, it will be NEVER AGAIN.

On not having a credit card to pay…
If you don’t have one or you choose not to have one, you should consider the prepaid cards banks are offering now.  Most major banks offer prepaid cards with card number, expiry date, and CVC number. All you have to do is to reload the card and voila! You can shop at any site there is.

How I shop in Instagram…
Instagram shopping deserves credit for its convenience. If you’re lucky enough to find a seller around your area, you can just meet-up in a public place. What I do is I think of a searchable hashtag like #cebubased #cebuonlineshop #shoesph and just window shop from there.

Customs duties?
If you are not purchasing in bulk, you’ll most likely get away with customs duties.

Websites are very generous with coupon codes so grab every single chance! Hahaha. I’m a cheapskate. Sorry.

Is Alibaba legit?
It is a legit website. I just recently placed an order to test how long it takes to arrive, buying convenience, etc. However, from the experience of a friend, you do have to be careful and not get carried away in ordering. The sellers ship via China Post which “connects” here through our national post. That involves you waiting for the claim receipt, going to the post office, and paying additional customs duties for your parcel. The amount you pay will depend on your declared worth, but like any other taxes, customs duties are always a pain. You also have to note the quality. In the reviews section, other buyers post the photos of the actual product so always check these and decide whether they pass your standards.


  • Beauty: Althea (ph.althea.kr), Sephora (www.sephora.com.ph), Beauty Mnl (www.beautymnl.com)
  • Shoes and Clothing: Zalora (www.zalora.com.ph)
  • Food/Restaurant:  Food Panda (www.foodpanda.ph)
  • Gadgets: Lazada (www.lazada.com.ph) – Check reviews and seller ratings!

Debunking Common Questions about Cushion Compacts


K-Beauty has been quickly seeping its way through the worldwide market. Whatever is trendy in Korea almost always becomes a head turner from the East to the West.

As much as I love Korean skincare products, I just did not find myself drawn towards their makeup products. Unlike Western brands, Korean makeup tends to lack a little bit in pigmentation and lasting power. It’s probably because they’re more into soft doll-like makeup, but I just don’t want to splurge into their makeup. That is the reason why I got so late into this cushion foundation trend. I thought it would not work well with my skin type.
This post is not a review on cushions since I have not tried that many. This will just be a debunking on the basics and what you might be interested to know just in case you have not jumped into the cushion bandwagon just yet.
Skin type: Very dry and sensitive
Skin color: Fair (References: The Face Shop V203, Missha #23, Estee Lauder 2W2)
Preference: Moisturizing, but not hella dewy
  • Who should use them?
It’s perfect for those who are always on the go and who want to skip moisturizer and sunscreen in the morning. They’re also compact which makes it perfect for travel. If you have sensitive skin like I do, you’re going to find yourself liking most popular Korean cushions because most of them don’t clog the pores so it’s okay to use them everyday.
  • What’s the shade range?
Keep in mind that Korean products are made for the Korean market and their skin tones are different shades of fair. This is the reason why almost all Korean face products only have 1-3 shades and they range from extremely fair to fair. As an example, I use the darkest shade in Missha and if you know me, you’ll know that I ain’t dark. So, if you have a darker skin tone than I am, you will not be compatible with most of the shades unless you want your face horribly white with a dark neck and body. If have darker skin and you really want to try cushions, I suggest you go for the Western cushions like the Maybelline, L’Oreal, or the Lancome.
  • Dewy or Matte?
Believe it when Korean products claim they’re dewy because they’ll be hella dewy. Even if I have dry skin, I personally do not like the legit Korean dewy finish. I’m more into the moisturized and less dewy look. If you go for dewy finish, expect that it will melt down waaay more quickly and all the dust and even your hair will keep sticking on your face. If you have oily skin, definitely stay away from the dewy finish. You are blessed with natural oils so it’s okay to start off the day with a matte finish and just let your natural oils help you out.

  • How long do they last?

If you’re talking about their longevity throughout the day, the ones with a dewy finish don’t last very long. However, it all depends on the brand of the cushion and the skin care you wear underneath it. If you’re talking about how long the products usually last, I could say that they last a good one or two months of continuous use.

  • What skincare should I wear underneath it?

For dry skin gals, you can get away with a light moisturizer because most cushions are quite moisturizing. For those with oily skin, do wear a light moisturizer or a mattifying primer.

  • Should I go for the cheap or expensive ones?

If you’re using it everyday, it’s more practical to go for the more affordable ones. Affordable Korean brands are not necessarily low quality. For instance, I use Missha which is the more  affordable of the bunch, but it works really well. Search online for reviews and buy based on your preferences.

  • How do I apply it?

Cushions are very easy to apply. You just insert as much fingers as you canon the puff’s strap, press lightly on the cushion, and apply to your face on a tapping motion (from the center of the face).

  • How do I keep it hygienic?

One thing that held me back from buying cushions before was that they’re kinda unhygienic. Fret no more ’cause there are ways to keep them cushions clean. Wash the puff at least once a week by (1) wet it with lukewarm water, (2) rub it strongly on an antibacterial soap bar, (3) press the excess product out of the sponge, and (4) rinse well. Let it completely dry before using it again.To keep the cushion’s lid clean, take a tissue paper and slightly wet it with rubbing alcohol. Use that to wipe the lid and let it dry before putting the sponge back. Clean the lid and the sponge every couple days.

  • Does it give a white cast in photography?

Definitely, yeah. Most cushions contain very high SPF so they give a ghostly white cast in photos. So, avoid using them in events where you’ll be taken tons of photos unless you want to rock the Casper look, then by all means go for it.

  • Where do I and what can I buy in Cebu?

Maybelline (Pure Mineral BB Cushion), The Face Shop (Oil Control Water Cushion), Missha (Magic Cushion), and Etude House (Precious Mineral Any Cushion) are the most readily available in Cebu City. If you want more options, you can try out Althea Korea. They ship anywhere in the Philippines.

So, I hope I got most of it covered. Like any other makeup products, this is trial and error. What works for most may not work for you. Still, be a wise consumer and read reviews before making the purchase. Good luck!